Raven Knight Set with Shoulder Pads, Manica and Armband


✓ Adjustable from size M to XL thanks to the buckles on the sides and thanks to the pattern.
✓ Both the shoulder pads and the manica and the armband can be placed on both sides to taste.

✓ "chest contour" from 80cm to 115cm
✓ “biceps contour” from 25cm to 45cm
✓ "wrist contour" from 15cm to 22cm
✓ "forearm contour" from 20cm to 40cm

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✓ 1 Pectoral and Back:
* Light and resistant, it fits perfectly thanks to the shoulder and side straps.
* Bring thin leather inner lining.
* Decorations: embossing, modeling and polychrome.
* Note the front pectoral where you can read on the edge in runic letters "Great godess may your protection be on me today, tomorrow and forever great" .... extracted from an old poem / Celtic songbook.

✓ 1 Shoulder pad with feather manica :
* Attached to the chest / harness using a snake tongue to have total mobility.
* Exclusive design making a study of the wings of the crows

✓ 1 Shouldter pad left:
* Composed of three slats where you can see decorative techniques such as embossing, modeling, polychroming, among others.
* It is anchored to the armor with "snake tongue”So that it adapts to the person who takes it and gives it total mobility.
* It has another anchorage to the arm that is made by means of a strap with a buckle.
✓ 1 Left Arm Band:
* Custom arm band with the colors and the necessary wear for this character.
* Several layers of dye and finishing treatment done 100% by hand.

** Explanatory note: When we refer to left and right, we do it for clarification of the parts according to the photo.

** Fabric of photos not included

✓ The material used is top quality vegetable tanned cowhide.
✓ The inner lining is soft leather.

✓ Functional and comfortable: all our products are designed to be used in all types of events so we always think of the greatest comfort and mobility.
✓ Very resistant.
✓ 100% handmade (Tinted and sewn included).
✓ All the pieces in my store are designed and made by me in my workshop in Murcia, Spain.

✓ History: Viking or Celtic and Raven inspiration set.

** As a suggestion, this product can fit the following STYLES: Medieval Fantasy, Viking, Larp, Cosplay, Medieval Weddings, Gladiator, Roman Age, Ancient Age, Greece, Vintage, SteamPunk, Raven

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If you are not clear on color of the ad or have any questions please contact us.
As a tip, pay special attention to tonal differences between:

  • Black and dark brown,
  • Dark blue and black;
  • Steel and silver;
  • Dark red and brown….

►All the products we make depend on some accessories (buckles, eyelets, ornaments) purchased for the character in question, in case of not having the accessories that appear in the product photos, we reserve the right to change them for some of appearance similar, of equal or superior quality, and that do not alter the final appearance of the product.

►The way of working that we have is the realization of the articles and the purchase of the material of the same as soon as the order is made, so the materials and the working hours are exclusively for each buyer.

►Since we manufacture the product especially for you and made by hand, there may be slight variations, each one being unique and exclusive.

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