In this section we explain some of the most common questions.

If you enter in the 'Forge of Prometheus' store on Etsy, each product comes with enough information to give you the keys to its correct purchase.

We will expand information on the most relevant aspects to take into account:

Make sure you Size

In the ads description of the store so as in the catalog of this website we have specified the sizes for each product's ad.

We have also created a blog entry to help you with the measures you need to take ( Go to blog entry )

Make sure Color.

If you are not sure enough about the product's color of the advertisement or you may have any question, please contact us.

As a tip, pay special attention to tonal differences between:

Black and dark brown,
Dark blue and black;
Steel and silver;
Dark red and brown ....

In general Terms, if you have any questions, dont you hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you 😉

To purchase an item on Etsy:

  1. Find an item you want to buy at
  2. Choose the options you want the item to have, if needed.
  3. Click on Add to cart.
  4. Now you can choose to:
  • Add a note to the seller.
  • If the item is a gift, check the box next to This order is a gift.
  • If you have an store discount code, please apply it. Discount codes are unique to each Etsy store.

  • In Way to pay, choose the payment method you want to use.
  • Click on Checkout.
  • If you are signed into your Etsy account, confirm your shipping address and payment details.
  • If you're processing the order as a guestclick Continue as a guest. Fill in the shipping and payment information. Create an Etsy account Before buying it has certain advantages, but there are some purchases that you can make using the option of pay as a guest.
  • Review the order to verify that the information and content are correct.
  • Click on make your order.

When you buy on Etsy, you're buying at an individual store. If you have any questions about an item or order, contact the seller.

We also recommend consulting our Introduction to shopping on Etsy.

Do you want to buy from a store in another country? Learn how currency conversion works on Etsy.

For buyers in the EEE

If you are in the EEA, which includes the EU, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, you may be asked to authenticate your payment after clicking make your order.

To authenticate a payment, you must respond to a request from your card issuer and provide additional information. Depending on the card issuer, this additional information may include a correct answer to a question, a password, or an access code.

!! Congratulations!!

Etsy will send you an email from each store you have made a purchase from. If you have any questions about your order, please contact the seller directly.

You can see your order information in You: Purchases and reviews.

Indeed, contact us at laforjadeprometeo@gmail and tell us your preferences and we will be happy to make the product just for you.

Indeed, contact us at laforjadeprometeo@gmail and tell us your preferences and we will be happy to make the product just for you.

Of course.

Just get in touch with us and tell us about your project, it doesn't matter if you are not completely sure, we design and give form to your idea.

We currently sell exclusively on the platform Etsy, that It includes the following forms of payment:

We accept payments via Paypal and Direct Payment.

For more information on direct payment consult the website of Etsy :
For other types of payments contact us.

** If you do not know very well how to do the process because you are new in Etsy, Here we show you a tutorial that helps you to know the purchase process:

** If you have any questions about payment, contact us at: or using the messaging of Etsy.

The times it takes to produce an item depends on both the complexity of the item itself and the work queue we have at the time you place the order.

In the store, we usually give 2-3 weeks of deadline just in case our work queue is quite big. If there are no orders in the queue and we can process yours, it takes much less time to do it and therefore, to send it .

Here you can see some approximate times of some of our products so that you can get an idea of ​​how long it can take to us to make 'your order':

Muscled breastplate ....................... 5 days approx

Light harness with 1 shoulder pad ...... 4 days approx

Light harness with 2 shoulder pads .... 5 days approx.

Roman Mannica ......................... 4 days approx

We are currently working with the transport company DHL for international shipments.

Europe: 3 to 5 days.
USA: 3-5 days.

For national shipments (Spain) the shipment is made with Correos Express:

Spain: 1 to 3 days.

►The shipping is free for the zones (USA and Europe). To make a shipment to other areas (Canada, China, Japan, Russia ...) send us a message and we will inform you as soon as possible.

►These times are approximate. Once we make a shipment, we will provide you with a TRACKING NUMBER so that you can locate the package until it reaches its destination.

►Once the product has been sent by us, you can contact us at any time to ask us any questions that may arise regarding the shipment of the package and its receipt.


In case that you as a client have something to complain about, we encourage you to contact us. We guarantee that we are at your disposal to resolve any incident in a brief and effective way.

... or send us a message from the etsy platform

Here we discuss some aspects that we believe are important and to take into account:

*) All the products we make are 100% handmade so there may be slight changes in color depending on the photo in the ad. Please, if you have any questions ask us by sending a message.

*) All the products we make depend on some accessories (buckles, eyelets, ornaments) purchased for the character itself, in case you do not have the accessories that appear in the product photos, we reserve the right to change them for one of similar appearance, of equal quality or superior, and that do not alter the final appearance of the product.

*) The way of woring that we have is the realization of the articles and the purchase of the material of the same as soon as the order is made, so the materials and the working hours are exclusively for each buyer.


Due to the aforementioned reasons it is why we accept returns only in case that the buyer has received another order other than the one he purchased, not a change in color tone, or a somewhat different ring or buckle, for example.
** This point is very important for the buyer to take into account, please make sure you want the product before buying it.

In case you have to return the product because a product you did not buy has arrived, in the Forge of Prometheus we bear the costs of the return.
Returns will be effective (preferably via PayPal) once the item has arrived in perfect condition.

In case the product you purchased has not arrived and you have had to return the product:
*) There will be no claim if the object has been used or manipulated incorrectly by the Buyer.
*) All products can be returned as long as the item is returned complete, in perfect condition and sent by registered mail.


As a general rule, we DO NOT accept cancellations of the purchase after 5 days from placing the order for the purchased product, since after this time we have had to buy the material to carry it out. In any case, if you want to cancel an order after these 5 days and always before the product is shipped, you can contact us and we will refund the part resulting from subtracting the material from the total amount.