In this globalized world, where there is more and more impersonalization, we do not know who you buy from or who you trust.

We want you to know that you speak with the craftsman and designer of your pieces.

The "La Forja de Prometeo" project is started by David Quesada Heredia with another partner and friend, Eduardo Velayos.
The idea was to work making armors and props without specializing ourselves in a single style or an specific Age.
We wanted to be a benchmark in terms of the quality of the materials we work with and the quality of the work by hand, taking advantage of the long experience that both friends had on their separate careers.

After a few years, the project is continued by David Quesada alone and dedicated only to leather work.

A year and a half later, Isabel Guirao joins "La Forja". "Isa" is a plastic artist specialized in sculpture and painting.

Both share their passion for the workshop and we follow the philosophy started a few years ago by David and Eduardo.

In our workshop located in Murcia, Spain, we exclusively design and work all our pieces.

David Quesada, has more than 25 years of experience in the leather working.
Isabel Guirao, is an sculptor and painter with more than 10 years of experience.

Together we have shaped the actual Forge of Prometheus.